Enrich is a new initiative proposing an alternative model of partnership between the creative industries and business sector, based on the practical giving and exchange of skills, expertise and resources.

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Enrich is a programme that promotes long term, sustainable engagement and partnership between the arts and businesses, based on the premises that:

  • A thriving arts and cultural sector is good for the region's economic and community well-being
  • Arts and creative industries are all chasing the same limited sources of philanthropic funding and sponsorship

Enrich is instead about the practical giving of services, resources, expertise, engagement, and participation by businesses to the arts. Cultural enrichment, engagement, participation and partnerships benefit both sectors. Enrich matches the needs and resources of compatible organisations to create and facilitate successful partnerships between the arts and business.



Young Professionals  for Governance roles

Enrich encourages and invites talented young professionals to join the boards of the developing arts organisations registered with Enrich to contribute their specialist skills and gain valuable governance experience. Companies with suitable employees, as well as interested individuals can register now with Enrich.

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